Rule #1 there is always a solution
Rule #2 when nothing seems possible,
Rule #1 comes into play
— Anne-Marijn Burgers
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About AMB

AMB Productions stands for my name Anne-Marijn Burgers.

AMB Productions is a cultural producer. An expert in translating creative ideas to reality. We feel at home in various cultural disciplines and a variety of projects. Whether it’s film or theatre, a festival, music concert or an exhibition, we speak the production language fluently. The specific jargon may vary, producing is a skill and it always entails: outlining obstacles and possibilities and executing a creative idea within a limited budget and time span.

With more than ten years of experience from working in various production positions, I started as an independent cultural producer in 2015. Since the start, AMB Productions hasn’t stood still and has already realised many special projects. To see what we’ve done so far, see the portfolio.

Are you looking for an independent producer who knows her way through the cultural landscape, who is daring, direct and meticulous (in short, very Dutch)? Send us a message via the form below


Below you will find an overview of the creative projects that AMB Productions made reality. 


Christmas Circus

Okt - present 2018, 17 shows
Nov - Dec 2017, 16 shows
Nov - Dec 2016, 14 shows
Nov - Dec 2015, 16 shows


Eindhoven Maker Faire
Project Manager / Production Manager

Edition 2018:
250 participants, 15000 visitors.
Jun - Okt 2018, Eindhoven

Edition 2017: 200 participants, 8500 visitors.
Apr - Sept 2017, Eindhoven

Edition 2016: 120 participants, 2500 visitors
Jun - Sept 2016, Eindhoven


We Are Public
Project manager Noord-Brabant


coördinator of a cultural subscription with over 90 partners in 5 cities in the province Noord-Brabant.

June 2017 - Àugust 2018


Production Manager

Festival in which 5 urban disciplines will be combined into one mega event. 

March - July 2018


Dutch Design Week
Producer of the Embassy of Data during the World Design Event

9 days, 65.000 visitors.

July - October 2017, Eindhoven

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Production Support

Exhibition about a hundred years of Eindhoven and Sint Trudo.

April - December 2017, Eindhoven


STRP Biënnale
Team leader volunteer expo hosts

March 2017, Eindhoven


Producer for Inge Wannet

Location theatre show at Strijp-S
8 shows, 400 visitors

June - December 2016, Eindhoven

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Dutch Design Week
Coördinator Ticketing & volunteers

October 2016, Eindhoven

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Het Torentje
Producer for NUT
at Theatre Festival Boulevard
44 shows in 11 days

August 2016, 's Hertogenbosch


DIT Festival

3 days, 7 locations, 25 events,
30 partners, 1 producer.

April - May 2016 Eindhoven


Man bijt hond (Man bites dog)
Production assistent, image research, planner and webeditor of a popular Dutch, daily tv programme.
(ask any Dutch person)

2012 - 2015, Hilversum


Go Short
Producer of the Awardshow, Industry Day, development filmdatabase.

2008-2011, Nijmegen



Masters of Arts: Film- & Television Studies,
Univerisity of Utrecht, Sept 2008 – Jan 2010

Premaster Film- & Televsion Science
University of Utrecht, 2007 - 2008

Bachelor: Literary & Cultural Studies
Radboud University of Nijmegen. 2004 – 2007


Production assistant
Short film "Voor Lief", 2010

Production assistant
Dutch Film Festival, 2010

Production assistant
IDTV Docs, Amsterdam, 2009

Assistant Creative Director
Stichting Impact, Utrecht, 2007



“Anne-Marijn is a seriously dedicated production tiger, combining no-nonsense approach with an easy going flow of working. She is able to keep a helicopter view and still care about details. She’s also a good partner for escape room situations. Please don’t hire when we need her.”
— René Paré - Director Eindhoven Maker Faire
“Anne-Marijn is a hard worker, but always remembers to make people feel welcome and relaxt. She knows how to handle tough situations without any display of stress. I had some of the best laughs working with her. Sign me up as a colleague any day.”
— Marijke van Hal - Coördinator Dutch Design Week
“She came flying, totally last minute, and made sure that, although the ridiculous timeframe, we could excecute our production without a care in the world.”
— Oscar Kocken - Writer, actor with NUT

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